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Microsoft Crypto Library Endian Problem

Note that if we were using the Win32 API, we would retrieve a PUBLICKEYBLOB (or PRIVATEKEYBLOB) which would house the public or private key blob. The Win32 blob would be in Little Endian order, whic...

Block cipher encrypted size 구하기

보통 Block cipher에서 암호화했을 경우 패딩에 의한 크기를 예측할 때 아래 수식을 쓰는 것이 좋다.srcsize + blocksize - (srcsize % blocksize)

FreeBSD SSL 컴파일

$ g++ ssltest.cpp -o ssltest -lssl/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `BIO_find_type'/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `EVP_enc_null'/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `EVP_C...

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